Customer Services



Introducing a service portfolio designed around you


Philips announces a fresh look at customer service. Our new RightFit Service Agreements offer an extensive range of options to suit your service needs. All assure a great service experience, open communication, and a hands-on approach to working with Philips.

One size does not fit all. We know each healthcare facility has its own priorities. From the most basic agreement, to the most comprehensive, RightFit gives every customer the opportunity to pick and choose from proven service solutions – to find the right fit.


These new agreements are designed:

  • to adapt to your business
  • to change as your business changes
  • to be as relevant today as tomorrow
  • to help you maintain peak operational performance


With two years of comprehensive analysis, and investments of over $2.5 million in market research and IT, we are confident we have developed an exceptionally strong portfolio of service offerings.


Use our Positioning Tool to find out which RightFit Service Agreement is best for you.


With these new RightFit Service Agreements, we have renewed our commitment to deliver the personal and professional services our customers need to succeed. We are working together to make a difference for you.


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