Ingenuity TF PET/CT

Personalize your scan

Personalize your scan

You’ve asked us to design answers to the most challenging issues you’re facing right now: Accuracy, speed, and dose. This is the result. Ingenuity TF allows you to choose the right scan for your patient without trading off quality or patient dose. Combining the high-fidelity imaging performance of Astonish TF with the latest in Ingenuity CT innovation, including iDose4, iPatient and SyncRight, Ingenuity TF offers you exceptional image quality, extremely fast scans, and the ability to choose the right dose – without compromise.



Astonish TF
Astonish TF is the next evolution in Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. With up to 30% improved contrast over non-TOF, Astonish TF provides enhanced lesion detectability with reconstruction speeds as fast as 30 seconds/bed.   


The system also features iDose4, an iterative reconstruction technique that gives you control of the dial so you can personalize image quality based on your patients’ needs at low dose.


Philips iPatient is an advanced platform that puts you in control of enhancing your PET/CT system today, while getting you ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


Full-fidelity imaging accuracy
PET imaging is evolving from qualitative imaging to quantitative performance. Astonish TF utilizes full listmode capabilities, allowing for fast scans, and exceptional image quality that combine to provide greater accuracy in quantitative assessment.


Speed with purity
With the new Astonish TF design, Ingenuity TF allows you to see fully reconstructed images within minutes of acquisition. Our proprietary reconstruction technology provides the benefits of TOF technology without the sacrifice of speed.


Economic value
With Ingenuity, advances in technology also make sense economically, delivering the results-based scanning you demand.  


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