MRI broadcasts from events


Clinical collaboration - Transforming care, together  

At Philips, we support the exploration of new imaging strategies, and share the results - so that patients and users everywhere can benefit.

Fast imaging - Transforming care, together  

Ingenia brings you tools to make imaging fast. It provides high robustness, high patient comfort and increases throughput.

Clinical Excellence - Transforming care, together  

Innovations that advance your clinical diagnostic capabilities, and effectively support your every-day clinical use.

MR Therapy solutions - Transforming care, together  

At Philips, we believe MR can play a significant role in transforming care through MR-guided therapy.

Philips at RSNA 2012: Imaging 2.0 – Transforming care, together  

If you are looking for MR solutions that accelerate patient management, patient imaging and case reporting, while increasing the efficiency and quality of care to your patients, Philips MR solutions are the answer….

Philips at RSNA 2012: MR expanding into the Therapy area  

Philips is expanding MRI into the therapy area and one of the new solutions in this field is the next generation MR-OR solution for intra-operative neurosurgery with Ingenia….

Philips at RSNA 2012: SmartPath to dStream builds on the existing magnet  

The revolutionary dStream broadband technology, that Philips introduced with Ingenia MR, will now become available for the majority of the Philips installed base…

Philips at RSNA 2012: Changing expectations with Ingenia  

The game-changer of the Philips MR portfolio is Ingenia, the first-ever digital broadband MR. Ingenia with dStream delivers imaging strategies once thought unattainable to the routine…


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