NeoPAP Infant CPAP delivery


NeoPAP Infant CPAP delivery

NeoPAP is a sophisticated CPAP delivery and treatment system developed to treat newborns and infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or who are recovering from RDS.


Simplicity and freedom

The NeoPAP patient interface's small profile and ability to be used with both CPAP and flow modes, coupled with Baby-Trak leak compensation technology, gives you the freedom to accommodate the unique care needs of your smallest patients. The innovative bonnet, nasal cannula and nasal mask designs work in concert to help minimize the need for adjustments during therapy, allowing you to spend more time caring for your patient and less time tending to the device. NeoPAP allows you to create an environment where patients can rest more comfortably and focus their energy on growth and development. Watch the NeoPap video for more details.



Key advantages

  • Lightweight patient interface made of soft, skin-friendly silicone; does not contain BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex
  • Patient bonnet using Fabrifoam* lining to help minimize torsional stress placed on the patient interface. Unique design virtually eliminates the need to tighten the interface to the patient
  • Three modes of therapy: CPAP mode, flow mode, resuscitation mode
  • Adjustable alarm volume control, remote alarm capability, visual and audible alarm indicators
  • Baby-Trak leak compensation technology: eliminates the need for a closely fitted interface seal and helps to reduce pressure on the infant's face. View an animation of the Baby-Trak leak compensation technology.


For more information, download our NeoPAP product brochure. 




Item Numbers


Legacy Number Item Number  Description
1076378 989805633521 NeoPAP CPAP Device, DISS M
1080794 989805633711 NeoPAP US User Manual
1080801 989805633511 Sensor, V-08 Oxygen Replacement
1077068 989805628291 PowerCord, US
1079302 989805629311 IV Pole Kit
1079719 989805633751 DISS HT X DISS HT, Air Hose
1080580 989805633661 DISS HT X DISS HT, O2 HOSE
1080810 989805633561 NeoPAP IV Pole Shim 22mm Assy
1080811 989805633591 NeoPAP IV Pole Shim 24mm Assy
1084541 989805635111 NeoPAP Start-up part
1074119 989805623281 Patient Interface - Nasal Cannula (case of 10) - XS
1074120 989805623311 Patient Interface - Nasal Cannula (case of 10) - S
1074121 989805623301 Patient Interface - Nasal Cannula (case of 10) - M
1074123 989805623291 Patient Interface - Nasal Cannula (case of 10) - L
1074124 989805623271 Patient Interface - Nasal Cannula (case of 10) - XL
1074125 989805623341 Patient Interface - Nasal Mask (case of 10) - S
1074127 989805623331 Patient Interface - Nasal Mask (case of 10) - L
1074083 989805623231 Patient Interface - Bonnet (case of 10)- XS
1074084 989805623261 Patient Interface - Bonnet(case of 10) - S
1074085 989805623251 Patient Interface - Bonnet (case of 10) - M
1074986 989805623241 Patient Interface - Bonnet (case of 10) - L
1074117 989805623221 Patient Interface - Bonnet  (case of 10)- XL
1078602 989805628481 Customer trial pack / starter kit
1074128 989805623321 Delivery Circuit Adapter & Sizing Kit (20/box)
1084406 989805634571 Extra Bonnet clips (Box of 20 units)







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