Specialty Feeding Products by Pigeon

Specialty Feeding Products by Pigeon

Specialty Feeding Products

Designed for babies with special feeding needs, our Specialty Feeding products help to appropriately feed cleft palate infants and infants with poor sucking strength. The Y-cut bottle nipples, manufactured without latex and available in two sizes, have a thick and thin side with a one-way valve that helps to avoid excessive air intake, and allow milk to flow only when sucked by the baby.

  • The Cleft Palate Nipples, available in Regular and Small sizes, can be autoclaved
  • The Pigeon Baby Bottle is specifically shaped to fit the air vents and one-way valve of the Pigeon Cleft Palate Nipple.
  • The Pigeon Food Feeder Bottle is a 120ml squeezable bottle with an attached spoon to assist with weaning or to use with problem feeders.

Item Numbers

Legacy PN12 NCDescriptionQuantity
989805603351Food Feeder Bottle
1 each
Cleft Palate Bottle w/ 2 Nipples10/box
Cleft Palate Nipple, Regular Size5/box
1104758989805646701Cleft Palate Nipple, Small Size5/box


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