Powerful, fast, and flexible physical activity monitoring


Actical – for the scientific professional

Now with 32MB of on board memory, and high speed sampling capabilities, the Actical system makes monitoring physical activity for days or weeks a practical reality. Powerful, fast, and flexible, Actical helps you collect valuable physical activity and energy expenditure data simply and reliably. The Actical physical activity monitoring system is a rigorous solution designed with the needs of serious researchers in mind.




Powerful – get the power to store more data and explore analytical options

  • Now with the ability to collect up to 32* MB of physical activity and steps
  • Review data trends in customizable line charts or actograms
  • Calculate physical activity, energy expenditure, and step statistics
  • Select hourly, daily, or custom intervals for calculations


Fast – have the speed to collect and delivery useful outcomes

  • Now with rapid 32* Hz sampling rate
  • Now with the ability to collect data in epochs a short as one second*
  • Automated calculation of more than 25 statistics
  • Create reports with a single mouse click
  • Perform batch processing on multiple data files simultaneously


Flexible – gain the flexibility to adapt to your research needs

  • Now with 1,2,5 second epoch lengths* or raw data collection mode
  • Validated energy expenditure (kcal or METS) when worn on the waist, wrist, or ankle
  • Automated or user-defined energy expenditure cut points
  • Export statistics or raw data in multiple ways
  • Convert between epoch lengths automatically

*Features not available in previous Actical.


Day-to-day wearability

Actical’s small size, waterproof case, and ability to be worn in multiple locations makes it easy for subjects to wear regardless of their activity. The device is positioned securely on the subject using a wristband, waistband, or ankle band. Once the device is on, subjects can wear it and forget it and go about their normal daily activities, including rigorous exercise, swimming or bathing. There is no need to worry about subjects repositioning, damaging, or removing the device.


Lightweight, durable, and waterproof

  • Compact (less than half the volume of competitive devices)
  • Weighs only 16 grams, practical for all ages and activities
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be worn on the wrist, ankle, or waist to facilitate compliance


Actical system components

  • Actical physical activity monitor
  • ActiReader communications interface
  • Actical software
  • A nylon wristband is included; additional waist, ankle, or wristband options are available


Customizable data to fit your research needs
Analysis reports provide you with detailed data on a subject’s physical activity and energy expenditure levels that have occurred over specific weeks, days, hours, or even minutes. Once you’ve selected the data to be analyzed, automated reports provide you with the useful outcome measures you need to answer your research questions.


Actical software

Actical software allows you to view and analyze activity for energy expenditure in multiple ways.

View of two days of minute-by-minute physical activity data with hourly averages for energy expenditure in kilocalories. Total activity energy expenditure for the day is shown on the right. You can view anywhere from 1 to 99 days of physical activity, steps, and energy expenditure.



View of five hours of minute by minute physical activity and activity energy expenditure on the day of a marathon run. Activity energy expenditure is compared to programmable cut points for scoring as light, moderate or vigorous. Select custom intervals ranging in length from 1 minute to 99 days for calculation of outcome measures.


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