At Philips, we understand that providing quality healthcare means balancing many needs.

You need high quality images for fast, confident decision-making. Seamless collaboration is critical so that information gets to the right person quickly. And patients demand quality, more personalized care that addresses their needs for comfort and dose management.

All of this must be delivered at a low cost. It’s a complicated formula.

Through our ongoing collaboration with you, we focus our innovations on solving your challenges. Together, we create the future of healthcare.

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  • Drive clinical performance

    Scientific, clinical, and technical advances in image quality, quantification and anatomical intelligence can provide diagnostic confidence and help define your treatment choices.

  • Enhance patient experience

    Philips provides high quality imaging for a full range of clinical procedures at low dose levels-to help provide peace of mind. Patient comfort is increased by reducing examination times and offering soothing environments.

  • Increase economic value

    Rely on our clinical expertise to implement best-in-class processes to increase patient throughput and achieve improvements to cost, quality, and overall operational performance.

Patients lead healthcare improvement

You can get great advice for improving healthcare from the person wearing the hospital gown. Alice Reece, a patient advisor, gives feedback to Georgia Regents Medical Center and Philips about how to improve healthcare in Augusta.


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