Philips at ASTRO 2013

ASTRO 2013

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Join us from September 22 – 25 at the Georgia World Congress Center

Philips is recognized as a leading provider of imaging and treatment planning solutions in radiation oncology. New developments focusing on enhanced multi-modality visualization and streamlined workflow will be on display in the booth and at the Philips Symposium.





O-MAR and iDose4 now available on the Brilliance CT Big Bore 

PET/CT in radiation oncology

Enhancing treatment planning efficiency with Pinnacle3

Philips Cancer Center Program

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Introducing Ingenia MR-RT Oncology Configuration – The comprehensive MR solution to fit your planning


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At ASTRO, Philips MR Therapy will introduce the Ingenia MR-RT Oncology Configuration. This dedicated MR imaging system allows you to smoothly integrate MR imaging into your CT-based RT planning workflow and to take full advantage of MR’s excellent soft-tissue contrast for delineating tumors and critical structures.

The Ingenia MR-RT provides high-quality MR images with remarkable geometric accuracy acquired in treatment position. The state-of-the-art 70 cm wide-bore Ingenia scanner easily accommodates the indexed flat table top and a variety of patient immobilization tools. The optional laser bridge allows patient alignment at the scanner to support reproducible positioning.


This truly comprehensive solution further provides versatile coil solutions and customized MR protocols for imaging of prostate, female pelvis, brain and head & neck. Together with tailored training for RadOnc staff it helps you streamline workflows in MR imaging to bring patient management to the next level. 



Brilliance CT Big Bore offers high image quality with reduced artifacts


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At ASTRO, Philips CT will be showcasing their latest radiation oncology solutions for the Brilliance CT Big Bore – O-MAR and iDose4. O-MAR reduces artifacts caused by large orthopedic implants. This helps to improve visualization of anatomic structures and target volumes, and improve contouring and patient marking workflow.

iDose4 improves image quality* though artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution. Together O-MAR and iDose4 produce high image quality with reduced artifacts.


It is proven that 4D respiratory gating studies allow for better assessment of tumor motion and critical organs, but these studies can suffer from image noise. iDose4 improves image quality by reducing noise. And because iDose4 reduces artifacts in images, technology can be helpful in imaging patients who can’t lift their arms due to required treatment position or weakness, trauma, and other ailments. O-MAR and iDose4 are both currently available on the Brilliance CT Big Bore.


*”Improved image quality” as defined by improvements in spatial resolution and/or noise reduction as measured in phantom studies.




Making Molecular Imaging in Radiation Therapy a Reality with GEMINI TF Big Bore PET/CT


When using functional and biological information to plan or adapt radiation treatment, accuracy is vital. The GEMINI TF Big Bore PET/CT helps you keep patient positioning consistent, to help improve the precision of radiation therapy. It allows you to streamline your workflow and offers the potential for accurate tumor delineation and evaluation of treatment response, because it’s designed specifically to meet your needs.




Pinnacle³ increases planning efficiency with faster dose calculations


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Increased computation times for complex VMAT planning, adapting the treatments with the changing patient anatomy and lengthy plan review process remain major challenges in today’s radiotherapy departments. At ASTRO, Philips will be showcasing solutions that are designed to address these issues, not only for conventional radiotherapy but also for proton therapy.

There will be several products on display, each focusing on different aspects of treatment planning, but designed to achieve a common goal – enhancing departmental efficiency. Pinnacle³ 9.6 with Dynamic Planning aids and streamlines assessments and re-planning through automation. fullAccess accelerates the plan review by providing the ability to review & annotate images & plans from almost anywhere. Pinnacle³ 9.8 increases planning efficiency through faster dose calculations. Pinnacle³ Proton Planning is fully integrated within Pinnacle³ and provides the ability for seamless proton-photon composite planning.




The Philips Cancer Center Program - Teaming up to support accountable, patient-centered cancer care


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Clinical advances alone are insufficient to confront the challenges of providing and managing value-based oncology services. Beyond technology, we understand that cancer care professionals are seeking business and operational solutions to the broader issues of cancer service management.

That is why Philips has teamed up with leading oncology solutions providers to address both the clinical and business challenges of multidisciplinary care. Through a powerful coalition of services and alliances, we’ve expanded our offerings to include cancer center strategic planning and development, business model alignment, operational and legal structuring, capitalization, financing, and much more. So whether you’re planning a new cancer center or expanding existing service lines, we’re ready to support you with targeted, expert solutions to your unique cancer management challenges.


To learn more about the Philips Cancer Center program, contact the Cancer Center group at (561) 596-5808.


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