Practix Convenio

Practix Convenio

Battery powered for ‘cable-free’ mobility, this motorized unit offers a swiveling column and fine tube head positioning

Designed for your convenience

The Philips Practix Convenio mobile X-ray system is packed full of features to make you busy life simpler.

  • Cable-free battery operation
  • Integrated motor
  • Push button fine positioning of tube head
  • 36 customizable Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR) settings
  • Digitization option with Philips Computed Radiography


Your declaration of independence

Stay on the move all day. With its compact size and integrated motor, Practix Convenio easily masters obstacles and inclines. The unit runs on its own at the speed that is most convenient to the operator and can be stopped by simply releasing the handle.

  • You are never restricted by cables
  • There is no ‘search for sockets’
  • Unit is suitable for ICU, trauma and pediatric applications, where power connection is difficult


Long life battery gives you a whole day of full applications without the need to recharge.

Easy positioning

Practix Convenio’s compact size and flexible geometry makes maneuverability a snap. With the telescoping tube arm and swiveling column, patients can be reached easily from all points around the bed. Two beds can even be reached without repositioning the basic unit.


To get the tube into the perfect spot, motor assisted fine-positioning adjustments (from the tube head) are possible. The entire unit moves millimeter by millimeter at just the push of a button.


Application control

The Practix Convenio is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled 30 kW X-ray high-power generator, making all types of applications and best image quality possible. The unit is particularly user-friendly and has 36 customizable APR settings accessible via the high resolution display in order to facilitate and accelerate your specific routine settings.

Practix Convenio 


Valuable options

The automatic exposure control unit, Mobile Aid, enables you to work faster and more reliably. To enhance convenience, the sensitive measuring chamber of Mobil AID is integrated into a flat paddle and is easy to position under the patient. Radiation dose is kept low while you maintain excellent image quality.


Your Practix Convenio can be converted into a digital imaging system by using Philips Computed Radiology (PCR) special imaging plates which are then read by a PCR Eleva digital reader.


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