Wireless portable detector

Wireless portable detector

Wireless freedom

The wireless portable detector makes digital radiography even more flexible. Use it in your Philips DR rooms, DRF rooms or with your digital mobile units. The option to share a detector between the three modalities enhances your cost efficiency.


In your rooms, you can place the detector in a wireless tray for table or vertical stand exams. Alternatively, you’re able to perform free and cross-table exposures.

Share it as you like

Philips wireless portable detector sharing is a smart way to efficiently utilize your budget. Detector sharing between DigitalDiagnost, EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF and MobileDiagnost wDR is right for you if these advantages speak to your needs:


  • Reduced initial investment while providing a high level of flexibility
  • Back-up solution to provide continuous uptime
  • Smart starting point for upgrades, i.e. adding more detectors in your department in the future

Vertical stand and table exams with detector in wireless tray

Insert the wireless portable detector in the tray of the vertical stand or the table. This way, your DigitalDiagnost rooms and your EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF rooms become exceptionally versatile.

You can carry out smooth vertical stand or table exams, plus:


  • Choose between detector positioning in portrait or landscape format
  • Automatically charge the wireless portable detector in the tray
  • Benefit from automatic tube tracking and detector alignment

Free exams with free detector

Removed from the trays, the wireless portable detector excels in free trauma, orthopedic and routine exposures at the table, patient bed, trolley or wheelchair. Whether used in your DR or DRF rooms or with MobileDiagnost wDR units you can count on:

  • Smooth digital workflow with fast results at the Eleva workspot
  • Superb image quality with UNIQUE image processing
  • Cable-free design for easy handling and with hygiene in mind
  • Alternate use between the wireless portable detector and CR cassettes – both completely integrated


Robustly built detector 

Thanks to its extremely rugged design the wireless portable detector:


  • Can be used for patients up to 135 kg (298 lbs) in bed thorax exams and up to 100 kg (220 lbs) in weight bearing exams; plus even more weight with the help of accessories
  • Can survive a drop of up to 70 cm (28'')
  • Is splash resistant and therefore easy to clean

Wireless portable detector for flexible digital radiography solutions


Nevertheless, you can still cover accidental damage and financial risk by extending your Philips service agreement.

Optional features

Enhance the way you use the wireless detector with the following accessories:


  • Mobile detector holder for general projections
  • Attachable detector holder for table and patient’s bed
  • Protector for weight bearing exams



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