MultiDiagnost Eleva

MultiDiagnost Eleva

A clear advantage for you and your patients

The MultiDiagnost Eleva, our C-arm based remote controlled R/F system, supports diagnoses and interventions on the same system. This saves time for your patients and facilitates a fast and confident workflow.


Gain new insight and confidence with the outstanding visualizations obtained with this system. The projection flexibility of the C-arc allows excellent anatomical views to be obtained from various angles.
One multipurpose remote controlled X-ray system for all clinical needs

A wide range of special clinical packages are designed to enhance ERCPGIorthopedicspain managementtraumaurology, and vascular procedures. Both small and large facilities can benefit from using these packages to expand their clinical services and increase referrals.

Advanced radiography/fluoroscopy capabilities

  • The MultiDiagnost Eleva’s C-arm moves 180° around your patient, eliminating the need for table movement. The patient can remain stationary during lengthy procedures, which increases their comfort. This flexible rotation is a pre-requisite for our unique 3D-RX reconstruction technology.
  • High resolution 2K images visualize small anatomical details and support both X-ray diagnostics and interventions on the same system.
  • Excellent X-ray dose reduction features are incorporated in the system.

3D-RX reconstructions support confident decision making

The full 180˚rotation range of the MultiDiagnost Eleva with 3D-RX provides the necessary reconstruction data for superb, high resolution 3D image quality.


  • Get excellent insight into anatomy, to develop a well-defined strategy by obtaining 2D, 3D, and stack imaging, while the patient is still on the table.
  • Perform superb weight bearing imaging using our unique combination of tiltable geometry and the MultiDiagnost Eleva with 3D-RX for comprehensive evaluations.
  • Benefit from having 3D reconstructions immediately available during examinations thanks to the seamless integration of 3D technology into your workflow.





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