Eleva Concept

Eleva Concept

A common platform and user interface for Philips radiography and fluoroscopy systems

The Eleva concept is an exam and patient-related automatic parameter setting control for our radiography and fluoroscopy systems, promoting an optimized work environment and workflow continuity. Its design and philosophy is based on feedback from you – our customer.






Eleva includes:

  • Exposure and fluoroscopy settings to regulate X-ray dose levels
  • Parameters for image pre- and post-processing
  • Geometry settings
  • Beam limitation settings


With minimal user interaction, everything clicks into place – what’s more, all the parameters for every type of examination, view, and acquisition are optimized for virtually every type of patient, from newborn babies up to obese adults.


Eleva is fully adaptable to the way you work and helps provide convenient and efficient patient care.


Healthcare simplified

Modalities based on the Eleva concept benefit from a consistency of functionality and control, managed via a standardized screen layout.


Due to its state-of-the-art technology and embedded security standards, systems can be smoothly integrated into existing environments. Eleva combines static and dynamic applications from Computed Radiography (CR), Direct digital Radiography (DR) and Radiography/Fluoroscopy (RF) and supports flexible patient management such as the combination of DR and RF exams in one single study.


Easy and intuitive to operate

Short training – instant results

  • Harmonized and intuitive User Interface (UI) across modalities
  • Automated, pre-programmed workflow
  • Instant image processing with excellent quality
  • What you see is what you get
  • Mouse or touch screen based management
Eleva Concept 


State-of-the-art IT and security standards

Smooth integration into existing environments

  • Fully DICOM compliant
  • IHE standards embedded
  • Comprehensive security concept
  • Completely networked


One concept – modality independent

Your decision where, when, how to work

  • Static or dynamic imaging (CR/ DR/ RF)
  • CR/DR, CR/RF, DR/RF integration
  • Flexible clustering of different X-ray modalities
  • Start several complete examinations at different modalities at the same time

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