"Philips is committed to helping our customers make clinical decisions earlier, faster and more definitively. Anatomical Intelligence is one of the ways we are doing this by using automatic quantification and intelligence combined with our renowned image quality to simplify procedures and create more reproducible results.”

Ivan Salgo, MD
Senior Director of Cardiology Marketing, Ultrasound - Philips Healthcare

What is Anatomical Intelligence?

Using a model of an organ, such as the heart, Anatomical Intelligence interprets ultrasound data and presents it in a form that a clinician can easily, quickly, and consistently view and quantify.

How is Anatomical Intelligence used today?

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What does Anatomical Intelligence achieve?

Anatomical Intelligence looks at a patient’s ultrasound data and applies adaptive system intelligence using 3D anatomical models to create easier and more reproducible results.

What products use Anatomical Intelligence?