Temperature Modulation Therapy

Temperature Modulation Therapy
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Only Philips offers both endovascular and surface cooling and warming systems with its InnerCool family of products to address the specific needs of your patients, your hospital, and your clinical practice. As the first endovascular solution available in the U.S., Philips technologies are backed by over 10 years of research.

RTx Endovascular System

For cooling and warming, this innovative system offers advanced whole body temperature modulation therapy in a closed-loop system from the inside out.

NEW STx+ Surface Pad System

The next-generation Philips InnerCool STx+ Surface Pads are designed to enhance the cooling and warming performance of the Philips InnerCool STx Surface Pad System, as well as simplify clinician workflow.

Accutrol Catheter

The only temperature modulation catheter with an integrated temperature sensor to provide precise temperature control for induction and maintenance.


Enables patient temperature to be communicated from the RTx endovascular or STx surface console simultaneously to patient monitors during cooling/warming therapy.


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