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“Multi Modality Tumor Tracking works the way I do and gives me the tools I need to do my job, which is, simply stated, find the lesion, measure it, and follow it.”
Dr. Stephen Raskin, M. D., oncologic CT and PET radiologist, Department of Imaging at Sheba Medical Center, Israel
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“We have access to our images [at both sites], be it in staffrooms, consultation rooms, at home, or elsewhere … – and we can even access images simultaneously.”
Dr. Laurent Macé, nuclear medicine specialist at Centre Jean Bernard, Le Mans and COREL, Centre d’Onco – Radiothérapie d’Eure et Loir, Chartres, France
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“IntelliSpace Portal ... has completely changed – for the better – how we approach advanced visualization and analysis.”
Dr. Ilan Shelef, M.D., neuroradiologist and director of the Imaging Institute at Soroka Medical Center, Israel
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“Philips listened to customers and to people that are using [IntelliSpace Portal] software and [we feel] our feedback is useful for [developing] future software.”
Dr. Olivier Rouvière, interventional radiologist at Hospices Civils de Lyon, France
“Everyone [cardiology consultants and vascular surgeons] can look at the images at different times to suit them.”
Dr. Chee Chew Yeong, radiologist at Warrington Hospital NHS Trust, England
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“Cardiac MR and CT together [on Philips IntelliSpace Portal] have lowered overall analysis time by 20%-30%.”
Dr. Gaby Weissman, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine & Radiology, Georgetown University Division of Cardiology, MedStar Washington Hospital Center Heart Institute, USA
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IntelliSpace Portal focus

Discover how the powerful combination of intelligence, integration, and interpretation (I3) within Philips IntelliSpace Portal can transform the way you work, think, and care for patients. By taking steps to achieve definitive diagnoses with this advanced visualization and analysis solution, you lay the foundation for developing tailored treatments and improving patient care.
Leverage the intelligence found in our rich and growing portfolio of applications for your analyses.  Access, review, analyze, diagnose, and present images virtually anytime with multi-modality, multi-vendor* integration. And expand your interpretation abilities with the freedom to access images virtually anywhere thanks to thin-client design.


We can provide you with general healthcare education and specialized training on Philips IntelliSpace Portal. With continuous evolution,  technical and clinical education are included with every upgrade of IntelliSpace Portal you receive. These education and training services show you how to make the most of the advanced visualization and analysis solution from the start.

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