Patient Monitors

patient monitors
Delivering clear information how it's needed

The IntelliVue patient monitoring portfolio spans care environments, patient acuity levels, and clinical requirements. Versatile SureSigns patient monitors offer a range of options for flexible care, including a portable bedside monitor, compact patient monitor, and vital signs monitor. All patient monitors are designed to give caregivers a clear view of patient information.

IntelliVue patient monitors

patient monitors
IntelliVue MP80 and MP90
Networked patient monitor with portal technology for highest intensity care.
IntelliVue MX800
IntelliVue MX800
The information you need at the point of care.
patient monitoring
IntelliVue MP60 and MP70
Networked patient monitors with portal technology for critical and intermediate care.
IntelliVue MX600/MX700
IntelliVue MX600*/MX700
Expand your view at the bedside.

*Product not available for sale in the US
network patient monitors
IntelliVue MP40 and MP50
Networked, a portable bedside monitor for flexible care.
IntelliVue MX550
Pairs powerful bedside monitoring with the reassurance of a battery backup.
IntelliVue MX500
Combines powerful monitoring with measurement flexibility.
Intellivue MX450
Combines powerful monitoring with portability.
Intellivue MX400
Rugged and compact monitor designed for dynamic and mobile workflows.
compact patient monitor
IntelliVue MP20 and MP30
Networked, a compact patient monitor for flexible care.
IntelliVue MP5SC spot check monitor
IntelliVue MP5SC
IntelliVue MP5SC spot-check patient monitor with IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Score
vital signs monitor
IntelliVue MP5
A flexible, compact patient monitor.
wireless patient monitor
IntelliVue MP5T
Your window to telemetry patients.
compact patient monitor
IntelliVue MMS X2
Combined multi measurement module and transport monitor.
IntelliVue MX40
IntelliVue MX40
Wearable patient monitor- more mobility for your patients , more freedom for you
compact patient monitor
IntelliVue MP2
Easy-to-use extremely compact patient monitor.

SureSigns patient monitors

SureSigns VS4
Provides versatile vital sign monitoring with spot-check mode
SureSigns VSi
SureSigns VSi
Providing basic vital sign monitoring in a portable and reliable package
SureSigns VS2+
SureSigns VS2+
Compact, cost-effective monitor offering essential measurements
portable bedside monitor
SureSigns VM8
Portable bedside monitor for flexible care.
portable bedside monitor
SureSigns VM6
Compact and versatile, portable bedside monitor.
SureSigns VM4
SureSigns VM4
Basic ECG and vital signs monitor.
SureSigns VM1
SureSigns VM1
Respiratory monitoring, when and where you need it
SureSigns VS3
SureSigns VS3
Vital signs monitor.
SureSigns VSV
SureSigns VSV
Basic central viewing and alarming.

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