Capnography Extension

For end tidal CO2 measurement

The Capnography Extension uses infrared absorption spectroscopy to continuously measure CO2 values. Designed to work with the Multi-Measurement Server, the Capnography Extension provides realtime CO2 waveform and numeric values on the IntelliVue patient monitor display. A digital signal processor located in the sensor measures either sidestream* or mainstream etCO2 and awRR for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients in surgery, in critical care, and during transport within a hospital environment. IntelliVue patient monitors combined with the capnography extension are ideally suited for end-tidal CO2 measurements.

Advanced capnography
The Capnography Extension continuously monitors CO2 concentration during respiration and provides the following information for display on IntelliVue patient monitors:

  • CO2 waveform
  • End tidal (etCO2) numerics
  • Inspired minimum (imCO2) numerics
  • Respiration rate (awRR)

The Capnography Extension offers significant operational benefits:

  • Flexible: Measures either sidestream or mainstream etCO2, allowing clinician to choose most appropriate method for their patient
  • Fast response time. A crisp waveform in less than 15 seconds at ambient temperature of 25OC
  • Connect and measure. Just 120 seconds from on to full measurement
  • Easy connection. No clips or latches
  • Continuous. Uninterrupted CO2 data is uploaded to IntelliVue
  • Low maintenance. Routine end-user calibration is not required
  • Portable. Attached to the Multi-Measurement Server, the extension can travel with the patient throughout the hospital


Wide variety of mainstream and sidestream airway adapters

  • Mainstream: Philips offers a variety of reusable and single-use airway adapters for intubated adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
  • Sidestream: Innovatively designed single-use accessories for both intubated and non intubated adults pediatrics and infants.


* Existing M3014A customers (IntelliVue C.0) who wish to upgrade to Sidestream will also need to upgrade their MMS


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