Avalon FM20 and FM30 fetal monitors

Avalon FM20 Antepartum and FM30 Intrapartum

Now providing automated coincidence detection and optional battery capability

The Avalon FM series fetal and maternal monitors are the first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse. This innovative feature allows automated maternal pulse detection via the Toco MP transducer without the need to monitor maternal SpO2 or ECG separately. 

More reasons to trust

Built-in NST Trace Interpretation, a clinical decision support (CDS) application for antepartum monitoring, can help to improve efficiency by sorting out the traces that require closer analysis by the obstetrician. With the Avalon FM series, you have the confidence of continuous data with a backup memory, battery operation, and LAN interface, combined with smart transducers and a color touchscreen.


Key advantages

  • Automated coincidence detection with Smart Pulse
  • Optional battery allows continuous monitoring during maternal transport in healthcare facilities
  • Only the Avalon FM series can monitor triplets on a single monitor using the same Ultrasound frequency


Smart choices at every point
Cross-channel verification continuously
compares all fetal and maternal heart
rates to ensure that each is measured

separately, enhancing confidence.

Avalon FM

Easily view maternal and fetal ECG waves on the large, intuitive display.


Key features

These antepartum and intrapartum monitors provide a wide range of features, including: separate maternal pulse measurement; continuous monitoring during transport in healthcare facilities; integrated monitoring of maternal pulse rate and blood pressure (optional); external monitoring of fetal heart rates, uterine activity and fetal movement; an extensive set of internal fetal parameters such as direct fetal heart rate and uterine pressure; and optional maternal SpO2 monitoring.


From the very first visit

Avalon FM fetal monitors connect seamlessly to IntelliSpace Perinatal (formerly OB TraceVue), the Philips obstetrical surveillance and information management system.


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