Patient Monitoring
Introducing the NEW IntelliVue MX600* and MX700 Patient Monitors

The world’s best-selling patient monitors are evolving. Fitting seamlessly into the IntelliVue family, the Philips IntelliVue MX600 and MX700 offer an expanded, real-time view of your patients’ vital signs, and with the integrated PC option, a wealth of clinically relevant information from your hospital’s intranet and applications.
*Product not available for sale in the US

Cableless respiration rate, NBP, SpO2, and pulse rate data to help enhance care and aid mobilization of patients throughout the facility.

Patient Monitors

The IntelliVue and SureSigns patient monitoring portfolio spans care environments, patient acuity levels, and clinical requirements.

Clinical Decision Support

Built-in "intelligence" and applications designed to assist healthcare.

Clinical Measurements

Providing best-in class standard clinical measurements as well as innovative measurements to support clinicians’ decisions at the patient’s side.

Remote Critical Care

eICU solutions to transform critical care delivery – blending clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care, healthcare access, and cost.

Fetal and Maternal Monitors

State of the art fetal and maternal monitoring.

IntelliVue Clinical Information

Supporting the care continuum across anesthesiology, critical care, intermediate care, and medical-surgical care specialties.

IntelliVue Guardian Solution

Using Early Warning Scoring, this solution aids in the early detection of patient deterioration and facilitates the appropriate intervention.

Surveillance and Networking

Innovative surveillance and networking technologies for various clinical environments.

Wireless bedside monitoring and telemetry solutions.


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