Astonish TF: The future of PET imaging

Astonish TF technology has enhanced PET imaging performance. Philips has now expanded imaging capabilities with its latest innovation – 4D TOF. Learn more.


Philips Astonish TF technology includes cutting edge PET performance, including the exclusive implementation of Time-of-Flight for PET/CT.







  • Enjoy exceptional levels of image quality, especially with large patients
  • Boost your procedure capacity and improve patient experience with fast PET acquisition times, as short as 10 minutes
  • Exceptional system sensitivity allows the use of low doses, minimizing exposure to patients and staff
  • Seize the potential of molecular imaging through low count rate imaging applications


GEMINI TF system design

  • Patented OpenView Gantry Design improves patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients and provides patient access for clinicians
  • Industry leading 190 cm scan length for both PET and CT allows true whole body imaging for almost all patients in one scan
  • Premium Brilliance CT performance with either 16-slice or 64-channel CT configurations


Philips Astonish TF: The solution to better PET imaging


PET imaging


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