BrightView XCT

Fits you like no other

Fits you like no other

BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology and services. CoPlanar FP uniquely integrates Philips BrightView SPECT in a co-planar design with advanced Philips flat-detector X-ray CT technology.

Technologically advanced

BrightView XCT enables low patient dose levels, high-resolution localization, and high-quality attenuation correction with the potential for fewer artifacts and shorter exam times.


Patient focused, with flexible positioning
BrightView XCT puts patients at the center of care. The patient zone is designed to create an optimum physical and emotional environment for patients. Flexible breathing protocols offer greater patient comfort. An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Table limit is 500 lbs (227 kg).


CloseUp SPECT technologies for proven performance
BrightView XCT features proven BodyGuard automatic contouring to speed set up and ZeroGap planar imaging to allow minimum detector-to-detector distance of 0” (0 cm) for closer positioning.


Advantages in cardiac imaging
BrightView XCT can acquire the entire heart volume in just one rotation and permits patients to breathe normally during SPECT and CT acquisitions. The system improves registration confidence between emission and transmission maps because the table remains stationary in many cases. Astonish reconstruction technologies can cut acquisition time in half.


Workflow tailored to you
The new NM Application Suite helps to streamline your workflow, saving you time reviewing and analyzing studies.


Respects your space
Now you can add CT without adding real estate. Surprisingly compact and easy to install, BrightView XCT fits into a room as small as 15’ 6” x 12’ (4.72 x 366 M) with minimal shielding and no need to specially reinforce flooring in most cases.


Respects your time
BrightView XCT is designed specifically for nuclear medicine and does not require CT retraining for nuclear medicine technicians.




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