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High SNR / enhanced image quality
Improved throughput time
Simplify workflow
Channel Independent
Improved economic value

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dStream - The digital revolution in MRI

Philips dStream digital broadband MR architecture

The MR world is constantly evolving towards higher levels of performance in terms of better image quality and consistency, faster imaging and processing, and higher patient throughput. To fundamentally and simultaneously address all these needs, Philips has introduced the revolutionary dStream architecture.

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dStream digital broadband MR architecture

Flexible and integrated


The power to change your MR

Featuring DirectDigital, FlexStream and EasyExpand, dStream is an exciting new MR system architecture that delivers high quality images, remarkable speed, and technology that makes RF upgrades a thing of the past.

Philips dStream digital broadband MR architecture brochure
dStream architecture brings paradigm shift in MRI
dStream whitepaper – The digital revolution in MRI

Questions and Answers

Short FAQ

Q: "Why do the dStream architecture and coils produce higher signal-to-noise ratio?"

Because the signal is digitized in the coil and then transported by optical cables. This enables exceptional SNR.

Q: "How does dStream architecture dramatically reduce upgrade complexity?"

Because it is truly channel-independent.

Q: "Why does dStream architecture reduce interface complexity?"

Because all coil functions are handled in the digital domain.

Q: "Why does dStream architecture simplify workflow and improve throughput time?"

Because a complete set of multi-channel coils, requiring little or no handling, together with smart technology, enable fast and easy imaging from head to toe.

dStream digital broadband MR architecture

dStream explained

See what dStream does

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