Polyurethane Feeding Tubes

Polyurethane Feeding Tubes

These soft, smooth tubes are designed with rounded, open ends which can reduce the likelihood of trauma on infant tissues, helping to ease stress and pain. The polyurethane tubes can be easily and securely connected to our extension sets and oral/enteral syringes to provide an end-to-end enteral feeding solution.







  • Orange radiopaque stripe
  • Easy to open and clean cap allows surface to be effectively cleansed
  • Calibration markings at 1 cm intervals help confirm placement
  • Indwell time up to 30 days helps to reduce trauma caused by frequent tube placements
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex, BPA or DEHP.




Item Numbers

7 Digit12 DigitDescriptionQuantity
1098459989805640021Feeding Tube, 4FR, x 16˝ (40 cm)10/box
1098460989805640031Feeding Tube, 4FR, x 24˝ (60 cm)10/box
1098461989805640041Feeding Tube, 5FR, x 16˝ (40 cm)10/box
1098462989805640051Feeding Tube, 5FR, x 24˝ (60 cm)10/box
1098463989805640061Feeding Tube, 5FR, x 36˝ (91 cm)10/box
1098464989805640071Feeding Tube, 6.5FR, x 16˝ (40 cm)10/box
1098465989805640081Feeding Tube, 6.5FR, x 24˝ (60 cm)10/box
1098466989805640091Feeding Tube, 6.5FR, x 36˝ (91 cm)10/box
1098467989805640101Feeding Tube, 8FR, x 16˝ (40 cm)10/box
1098478989805640111Feeding Tube, 8FR, x 24˝ (60 cm)10/box
1098479989805640121Feeding Tube, 8FR, x 36˝ (91 cm)10/box

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