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Children’s Medical Ventures is
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You believe that every mother and baby deserves the best care possible – before, during, and after a precious newborn enters the world.


At Philips, we share your passion and support your mission. We're committed to providing you with innovative, clinically proven solutions and the broadest range of support – right from the start, through every stage and each transition.


From the obstetrician's office to the hospital to the home, we are delivering the next generation of care, so you can deliver the next generation on the best path possible.


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Pregnancy and Labor & DeliveryPostnatal, Neonatal & Pediatric CareCare at Home
Philips ultrasound and fetal and maternal monitoring solutions deliver the data you need to provide the best care to expectant mothers and their fetuses at this important time of life.Philips offers a wide range of innovative products and educational services to support developmental care for premature babies, healthy newborns, hospitalized infants and children.New beginnings are both exciting and challenging. Philips delivers innovative solutions that make nurturing, feeding, and caring for newborns healthy and simple.
Pregnancy and Labor & DeliveryPostnatal, Neonatal & Pediatric CareCare at Home
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We support a patient-centric Developmental Care framework for providing innovative solutions that protect the integrity of developing infants, while helping them bond with parents and family.

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Integrative Developmental Care 


In this Fabric of Africa ViewPoint (an Amref Health Africa and Philips collaboration) we address the growing need for improved maternal and newborn healthcare in East-Africa.

Read more on the Mama Ni Uhai Women’s Healthcare Screening program and the experience of Mr Josephine Bosibori in this issue.

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