Making the difference with Live Image Guidance

Industry leading image quality at a fraction of the dose

Industry leading image quality at a fraction of the dose

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Managing dose across all applications

Same IQ, less X-ray dose

Clinical reactions

“The images are of the same high quality as we were used to before. We are so enthusiastic about the results that we are now acquiring images with reduced dose.”
Drs. H. Gehlman, Interventional Cardiologist,
“With ClarityIQ we are able to getimages at corresponding quality but with at least a 50% reduction ofradiation dose.”
T.J.F. ten Cate, MD, PhD, UMC Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
“A quantum leap in reducing the dose and thereby improving the procedure for patients and us.”
Dr. M. Söderman, Stockholm, Sweden
“This vessel definition is better”; “Can you do it with fluoro too? Fantastic”
Dr. R. Tarr, Cleveland, USA
“This is the best thing since… ever!”
Dr. B. Katzen, Miami, USA
“It is the invisible revolution. You can’t see it, but it’s going to change everything.”
Dr. M. van Strijen, Nieuwegein, Netherlands

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