IntelliSpace Clinical Informatics


Rich, actionable information for clinical decision making
Philips expertise touches the most complex clinical domains across the patient care continuum. Our products and services aid physicians at many critical decision points.

The IntelliSpace family of clinical informatics solutions uniformly supports the analysis, interpretation and presentation of critical patient data throughout this continuum.

IntelliSpace Clinical Informatics solutions available today:

• IntelliSpace Event Management• IntelliSpace Portal 
• IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia  


Every IntelliSpace Clinical Informatics solution is designed to assure you:
• Exceptional interoperability
• Actionable intelligence
• Enhanced mobility
• Better collaboration


A continuity of experience
We’ve focused on creating an experience that streamlines your workflow – giving you access to data at the point of need, and encouraging consultation with colleagues. You’ll find a familiar, intuitive interface across applications and a common software customer services agreement across most of your IntelliSpace solutions.

Enjoy simplicity for:
• Consistency across solutions
• Harmonized experience
• Improved economic value

We’re committed to providing solutions that work well together and with your hospital’s existing systems and investments. Our goal is to require fewer connection points, thus reducing complexity, allowing for more robust implementation and lowering both initial and ongoing support costs.


IntelliSpace PACS

IntelliSpace PACS is a new solution built upon the innovation legacy of iSite PACS. IntelliSpace PACS combines the iSite PACS promise of anywhere, anytime access to images and information – in three seconds or less – and our 99.99% uptime guarantee with additional new features. Ultimately, it facilitates collaboration throughout the enterprise to enhance clinician workflow, patient care, and financial outcomes.


IntelliSpace Breast
Our high-performance mammography workstation MammoDiagnost VU, our multimodality breast applications and our premium breast MR CAD unite to create reports on studies from multiple modalities and multiple vendors.

IntelliSpace Event Management

(formerly Emergin)
Manage critical communications and improve care team coordination by providing caregivers with clinically significant and/or actionable information on their communication devices. From patient and family requests to critical alerts, provide information in the right format at the right point of need to the appropriate caregiver—regardless of the caregiver’s location.

IntelliSpace Portal
This powerful thin-client solution for advanced image review, and analysis is multispecialty, multimodality, and multivendor. It offers the flexibility to diagnose and collaborate virtually anywhere.


IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia

(Formerly ICIP)
Supporting the care continuum across anesthesiology, critical care, intermediate care, and medical-surgical care specialties, IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia delivers advanced clinical decision support with structured documentation and analysis to boost effectiveness of the EMR and health information.






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