IntelliSpace PACS

Advanced workflow and better patient care
Advanced workflow and better patient care

Philips IntelliSpace PACS is a leading enterprise-wide medical image and information management system on the market today. IntelliSpace PACS is an innovative image and information management system that delivers on-demand diagnostic-quality images over existing hospital networks, advanced radiology reading stations for radiologists, and "always online" long-term storage.

IntelliSpace PACS

Philips IntelliSpace PACS interfaces with a health care institution's existing infrastructure enabling all departments to prove ROI at each stage of deployment

IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere

IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere delivers clinical review information across your enterprise and beyond on almost any device

IntelliSpace PACS Technology

iSyntax provides real-time access between modalities, PACS, and the RIS, delivering truly integrated data necessary in a clinical setting

IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise

IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise is an enterprise-wide web-based image distribution solution that delivers the power of radiology to the point of patient care.

IntelliSpace PACS iVault

iVault is an always on-line medical image archive solution that eliminates the bottlenecks of pre-fetching, routing, forwarding, off-line media management and ad-hoc querying.

IntelliSpace PACS Radiology

IntelliSpace PACS Radiology is designed to drastically improve reading efficiency and radiology workflow.

Application Program Interface

Philips designed IntelliSpace PACS to be an imaging platform that interfaces with third party applications and can be extended by third party vendors and developers

IntelliSpace Clinical Applications

Introducing three new clinical applications for: Philips IntelliSpace Pulmonary Embolism Assessment, Philips IntelliSpace CT/MR Vessel Explorer, Philips IntelliSpace CT Colonography

IntelliSpace PACS Federation

Enabling multiple, autonomous sites to seamlessly share data and workflow.

IntelliSpace Workflow Layer Applications

Providing powerful enhanced clinical workflow features and value-added functionality to improve radiology workflow efficiency, communication, and reporting

IntelliSpace PACS Mammography

Streamline the review and screening of your diagnostic mammography studies with IntelliSpace PACS Mammography 4.4.

Cardiology Enterprise Viewer

Enhance your clinical decision-making. Enjoy on demand access to DICOM-based multi-frame digital video files via general purpose clinical workstations throughout your institution.

Vendor Neutral Archive

Conceptually, a vendor neutral archive (VNA) is an archival system that can be used to store virtually any type of digital data irrespective of the original source of that data.


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