Xcelera Cardiology Image Management Solution

One access point to optimize cardiovascular care workflow

Xcelera is an integrated multi-modality image management system for cardiovascular information. It provides access to multiple applications within a single flexible workspace which can be implemented in multiple locations throughout your hospital and across multi-sites.

Xcelera improves clinical workflow by providing a single access point for advanced clinical applications, multi-modality images and reports. It interfaces with advanced quantification tools within a broad spectrum of modules, suitable for multiple cardiovascular specialties including:

  • Echocardiography
  • Catheterization
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiovascular
  • X-Ray
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Computed Tomography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • ElectroCardiography

Xcelera R4.1 puts cardiac patient data in one place
Philips Xcelera provides access to multimodality cardiac imaging as well as powerful exam review, analysis, quantification, and reporting tools from a single patient-centric workstation.

With Xcelera R4.1, Xcelera delivers vital patient information across the care continuum via enhanced connectivity with other hospital information systems and the patient’s electronic medical record.

Improving quality through data analysis
Xcelera’s comprehensive database puts archived clinical data at your fingertips. With industry standard data analysis tools, you can put your information to work to find ways of improving efficiency, outcomes, and the quality of care.

Tele-cardiology provides access to clinical information anywhere
Xcelera’s tele-cardiology options let you decide when and where to access cardiology information—whether consulting from home, an affiliated clinic, or the office. With tele-cardiology for Xcelera, there’s no need to compromise on image fidelity or quantification capabilities just because you’re not at a workstation.

Financial benefits of integrated information
Streamlining workflow and information access can help reduce length of stay by helping clinicians make faster, more effective treatment decisions. Organized, integrated information may also help increase throughput and reduce medical errors.

By using Xcelera’s database analysis tools, clinical managers and administrators can find ways to improve care and efficiency. And because Xcelera is a scalable solution, you can choose the level of investment that’s right for your institution with plenty of room to grow.

With an intuitive, customizable, patient-centric user console, Xcelera is easy to use. It supports dual display and user-defined measurements and calculations. Xcelera’s patient-centric approach enhances care throughout the cardiac care continuum, providing the access every cardiology healthcare professional needs via a consistent interface. By streamlining workflow it helps improve productivity, reduce costs and minimize training times.

Xcelera connects to systems supplied by Philips as well as other vendors. It is an economical, fully scalable IT investment that supports further expansion via a secure upgrade path. Additional functionality via QLAB 10, EP WorkMate, AutoQUANT 7.2 and CAAS 2000 is offered.

Xcelera in the Catheterization Lab
Xcelera provides the tools your Cath Lab needs to enhance patient diagnosis from procedure to review to archive.

Xcelera in the Echocardiography Lab
Xcelera can be used for viewing, quantification and reporting of cardiovascular ultrasound.

Xcelera in the Electrophysiology Lab
Xcelera takes the complexity out of heart rhythm care by enabling review of EP recording signals and reports via EP Medsystems’ EP-WorkMate®.

Xcelera in Nuclear Cardiology
Xcelera allows users to quantify gated and non-gated cardiac SPECT studies to integrate perfusion and function applications with integrated reporting, on a single screen.


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