Cardiology Informatics

Managing patient information throughout the cardiovascular care continuum

Working together with our customers, we’ve designed systems to meet the care environment’s ever changing needs. Our streamlined solutions give you the power to manage the workflow and clinical and administrative records for the entire cardiovascular service line and offer you one access point into advanced clinical applications, multimodality images and reports.

Transform the way you work. And think.

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular is designed specifically with you in mind to help streamline clinical workflow and improve operational performance across your entire cardiovascular service line. At the heart of IntelliSpace Cardiovascular is the Workspace, which provides access to cardiovascular images and information anytime, virtually anywhere.


Xper IM

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

Centralized multimodality cardiology image management, analysis and reporting solution

Xper Information Management is our personalized cardiovascular workflow solution

Image and information management system to help enhance clinician workflow and operational performance across the cardiology care continuum.


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