G60/G70 Modular Monitors

Flexible, high acuity patient monitor

The G60/G70/G80 modular patient monitor provides reliable monitoring for the critically ill patient.


Its flexible design conveniently accommodates different patient acuity needs through the use of specialized parameter modules. Superbly adaptable, the G60/G70 is suited not only for general wards, but also for use in ICU, CCU, and ORs.

Basic monitoring features of the G60/G70 include 3/5 lead ECG, SpO2/PR, RESP, NIBP, Dual TEMP, ARR, and ST. Optional features and parameter modules expand the G60/G70’s monitoring capabilities to include IBP, 12-lead ECG, etCO2, Cardiac Output, and Multi-gas monitoring.


The G60/G70’s modular design allows hospitals to make the most of their monitoring investment by sharing modules and reducing the total cost of ownership.




  • Plug-and-play modular design provides patient care flexibility
  • 5 built-in measurement slots
  • 12.1”/15”/17” color TFT display with up to 8/10/12 waveforms
  • Multi-parameter module includes - 3/5-lead ECG, NIBP, Philips SpO2, Respiration, 2xTemp, ARR/ST, dual IBP and 12-lead ECG (optional)
  • Additional modules include:
         - Dual IBP
         - etCO2
         - Cardiac Output
         - Multi-gas/Multi-gas with O2
  • 7 lead and 12 lead (optional) ECG display
  • OxyCRG display, Video output
  • Hemodynamic, Drug Dose, Oxygen and Ventilation Calculations
  • Big number display mode, waveform freeze
  • LAN networking to UT4800 central monitoring system
  • Bed-to-bed view
  • 1200 sets NIBP, 200 sets ARR/alarm events
  • Data Manager function allows up to 1200 hour trend graph and 120 minutes ECG review
  • Adult, pediatric, neonatal monitoring modes
  • 2 hour Lithium Ion battery
  • Adult and pediatric startup accessory bundles available



Clinical measurement modules for critical decision support



Multi-parameter module

  • Philips 3/5-lead ECG, NIBP, Philips SpO2, Respiration, 2xTemp, ARR/ST
  • Dual IBP (Optional), Philips 12-lead ECG (Optional)

Dual IBP module

  • Allows monitoring up to 4 channels of IBP simultaneously (including 2 channels from the Multi-parameter module)

etCO2 module

  • Oridion Microstream technology
  • Provides accurate measurement for both intubated and non-intubated patients

Cardiac Output module

  • Utilizes thermodilution, the gold standard of measurement for Cardiac Output

Multigas/Multigas with O2 module
Two versions available: Multigas (manual ID), and Multigas with O2 (auto ID with O2 monitoring)

  • Artema gas technology
  • Identifies one of five anesthetic agents (manual or automatic) and CO2, NO2, O2

Flexible Module Server

  • Provides measurement extension flexibility
  • Includes eight additional measurement slots




Not available for sale in the United States







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