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The Philips iCT family is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of imaging from head to toe. With a focus on clinical collaboration and integration, patient care, and economic value, this system will provide the high image quality you seek with the outstanding lows that are becoming increasingly important (low energy, low dose, and low injected contrast). The iCT is taking CT imaging to a whole new level. Not only does this scanner deliver exceptional image quality, its advanced technology can also help you to reduce X-ray dose and injected contrast, important factors for managing patient risk. And it’s a new approach to total vascular imaging through a unique combination of low-kVp scanning and an iterative reconstruction technique that improves low contrast sensitivity.


iCT technological advancements: 




Industry-leading low-contrast resolution – that’s IMR!
Philips IMR has set a new direction in CT image quality with virtually noise*-free images and industry-leading low-contrast resolution. Long associated with MR, this improvement in low-contrast resolution is a breakthrough made possible through Philips’ first iterative reconstruction technique built on a knowledge based model.


Enabled by hardware innovation and reconstruction algorithm innovation, its reconstruction speed allows IMR to be used in even the most demanding

Key benefits

  • Industry-leading low-contrast resolution
  • Virtually noise-free images*
  • 2.7x improvement in low-contrast detectability
  • Less than 5-minute reconstruction for the majority of reference protocols
  • Integrated design with minimal siting impact
  • Now available on the Philips iCT and Ingenuity “Elite” class of scanners"


* In clinical practice, IRT may reduce image noise depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular task. As with any imaging reconstruction, the quality of the resulting IRT images is dependent on the scanning parameters required for your particular patient, clinical indication, and clinical practice.


iCT Elite 
The iCT Family of premium CT scanners continues to take CT imaging to new levels. Not only does this scanner family deliver exceptional image quality, its advanced technology can also help you to manage x-ray dose and injected contrast — important factors for managing patient risk. Built upon our latest advances in iterative reconstruction techniques, workflow, and detector technologies, the iCT Elite is our flagship designed to redefine CT imaging.


Key iCT Elite features:


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