Spacers and holding chambers

Spacers and holding chambers
Spacers and holding chambers

A spacer or valved holding chamber helps to more efficiently deliver medication from a metered-dose inhaler to the airways. Without the use of a spacer or holding chamber, much of the medicine from the inhaler ends up on the back of the throat, tongue, or in the air. Our spacers and valved holding chambers help provide optimal drug delivery, ease of use, and portability to fit active lifestyles.


ProChamber is the professional model valved holding chamber for the acute respiratory care setting. Its proven clinical performance makes it the first choice of the budget-conscious clinician.

OptiChamber Advantage

OptiChamber Advantage helps your patients get the best part of their asthma inhaler medication in the most efficient way. It gives you and your patients the advantage in metered dose inhaler therapy.

OptiHaler drug delivery system

OptiHaler’s compact size and specially engineered shape make it easy for active asthma patients to get improved drug delivery without having to carry a bulky valved holding chamber

OptiVent in-line MDI spacer

OptiVent is designed to optimize drug delivery by making more fine particle dose available to the patient. More fine particle dose output means better patient outcomes.

LiteTouch VHC mask

LiteTouch fuses a clear, hard shell to a soft-seal interface, fits onto the mouthpiece of a valved holding chamber, and functions by simply touching the mask seal lightly to the patient's face.


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