HomeLox portable liquid oxygen system


Liquid oxygen with a surprise

The innovative HomeLox portable liquid oxygen system from Philips Respironics enables patients to make and store liquid oxygen right in their own home. This groundbreaking system offers quiet operation and the long-lasting portability of liquid oxygen in a way that reduces the cost and complexity of traditional liquid systems. 


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Provider benefits

Whether you are currently committed to providing liquid oxygen to your patients, outsourcing liquid to other providers, or turning away liquid referrals altogether, the HomeLox system can benefit your bottom line. HomeLox eliminates many of the significant costs that are traditionally associated with delivered liquid oxygen including:


  • Recurrent deliveries
  • Specialized vehicles
  • Testing equipment
  • Storage containers
  • Filling-related service calls

The easy-to-use system includes the HomeLox home liquid oxygen generation and storage unit and the highly portable, long-lasting GoLox portable device.

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