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The current release of DigitalDiagnost has met with initial universal approval. This corresponds to the enthusiastic response of previous system versions.
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We work faster and more effectively with the wireless detector, and it is more gentle on the patient. That certainly is progress.
Christian Moritz, MD, Radiology Consultant, Federal Armed Forces Hospital, Hamburg Germany
The beauty is that you have a digital cassette that is completely un-tethered and can be placed in virtually any position.
Jim Roberts, Administrative Director of Radiology, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH, USA
Our workflow has just astronomically improved. It’s really unbelievable.
Barry Friedman, Chief Radiology Technologist, Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA, USA
With UNIQUE, you get very convincing results from CR and DR. You get consistent impression of images acquired from different systems.
Dr. Wolf, Head of Pediatric Radiology, University Hospital Bern, Switzerland
With the flexible geometry and the CR/DR integration, this solution meets our specific cost/benefit requirements.
Prof. Busch, Head of Radiology and Medical Director, Hospital of the Brothers of Charity, Trier, Germany
Even in a department working with film, the DigitalDiagnost is the very best way to do conventional pictures.
PD Dr. Henri-Marcel Hoogewoud, Head of the Radiology Department, Fribourg Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland
We have increased the throughput. We have moved from seven rooms to five and a half, and have still increased our productivity.
Prof. Dr. med. Henrik S.Thomsen, Department of Radiology, University Hospital Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark
It’s about making good pictures in the best possible way.
Prof. Dr. med. Berthold B. Wein, Senior Radiologist, The University Hospital Aachen, Germany

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