CX50 CompactXtreme Ultrasound System

Introducing a new class of compact echocardiography

Now you don’t have to trade performance for portability. Premium capabilities, such as PureWave technology, are integrated into the CX50 CompactXtreme ultrasound system for excellent performance everywhere you need it.


Performance you can count on 

The CX50 system was designed for your critical study requirements. In addition to PureWave, its premium imaging and Doppler performance are possible because of its digital broadband beamformer and XRES technology, bringing a new level of clarity to compact echo. You can easily perform advanced echo analysis with integrated QLAB and stress echo capability. The CX50 supports the S5-1 and X7-2t transducers for 2D transthoracic and transesophageal imaging.


Breakthrough workflow solutions 

  • Easy – The CX50 control panel is designed for usability.
  • Quick – One-button controls like iSCAN allow fast optimization of system performance during 2D and Doppler examinations. Active native data gives you the ability to readjust virtually all scanning parameters during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details and shortening exam times.
  • Stress echo – The CX50 supports adult stress echo protocols for a complete cardiac exam package.
  • Quantification – On-board QLAB software offers quantitative assessment of cardiac anatomy and function during and after exams:
    • Tissue Motion Quantification (TMQ) for cardiac motion analysis including functions like annular excursion, velocity, and regional shear
    • Strain Quantification (SQ) quantifies cardiac motion based on Tissue Doppler imaging data
    • Region of Interest (ROI) analysis with motion compensation for pixel-based quantification of echo, color flow, TDI and CPA data


CCU, OR, bedside and satellite clinic

Portable exams are a challenge, and getting clear diagnostic data is complicated by many factors. Now you can have the image quality you need for the diagnostic confidence wherever you need it – take the CX50 to your patients. The CX50’s image quality makes it the ideal choice for your critically ill patients, where space and equipment give you limited access. The CX50 system’s portability means you can have premium performance TEE in the surgical suite. 2D, Doppler and quantification are available.


Extreme portability 

Take the CX50 system to your patients, by using a specially designed cart, hand carrying to your patients, or packing in its special travel case for easy transport to remote destinations.







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