Cardiac workstation software

Philips new Q-Station workflow software enables you to streamline your echocardiography data management, and perform advanced analysis and quantification of Philips echo data. Q-Station combines a suite of capabilities for a full range of off-cart functions, allowing you to design workflow around your needs.







Q-Station is cardiac workstation software ideal for:

  • Reviewing echo and stress echo exams
  • Analyzing 2D and 3D image data using QLAB plug-ins
  • Saving secondary captures of QLAB 2D and 3D images
  • Wall motion scoring using 17-segment model
  • Reviewing measurements made on the cart
  • Integrating ECG results from Philips StressVue systems
  • Reporting findings and comments
  • Saving results to connected devices


QLAB plug-ins define your Q-Station analysis and quantification capabilities:


Advanced Analysis Reports


Sample integrated Stress Echo and ECG Report 

Sample integrated Stress Echo and DECG Report 


Register Q-Station


Register and authorize your QLAB product 

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* FDA 510(k) approval pending.


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