Xper Information Management

Xper Physiomonitoring 5
Xperience cardiovascular technology that revolves around your workflow

Xper Information Management is our personalized cardiovascular workflow solution. This innovative product suite presents the latest evolution of our renowned physiomonitoring technology, as well as a variety of new innovations for reporting, scheduling, inventory and intelligent data management. With tools that enhance efficiency on multiple levels, this new solution improves and simplifies workflow for all cardiovascular professionals.

Xper Flex Cardio

Introducing a compact, reliable hemodynamic measurement system that saves floor space and moves with the table.

Xper PCC & Central Station

Xper Information Management Patient Care Console (PCC) and Central Station extend the continuum of care to the pre- and post-cath holding areas.

Xper Personal Assistant

Xper Information Management Personal Assistant is the flexible workspace where you can utilize our reporting, scheduling, inventory and lab management software solutions.

Xper Clinical Reporting

Xper Information Management Clinical Reporting is a robust tool that equips physicians and clinicians with user-defined, custom procedural reports for cardiovascular patients.

Xper Lab Reporting

Xper Information Management Lab Reporting delivers an intuitive solution designed to transform cath lab department and clinical data into accurate, accessible and valuable information.

Xper Flow Coordinator

Xper Information Management Flow Coordinator dynamically links the study and staff schedules.

Xper Inventory Coordinator

With Xper Information Management Inventory Coordinator, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages because our inventory solution is empowering, intuitive and efficient.

Xper Data Center

Xper Information Management Data Center is the central portal designed to give users with administrative rights access to systems functions.

Xper Connect

Our optional bidirectional hospital information system (HIS) interface (HL7), Xper Information Management Connect, is one key differentiator of our cardiovascular workflow solution.

Xper Vascular Monitoring 5

Philips Xper Information Management Vascular Monitoring 5 presents intuitive electronic charting, patient monitoring and report generation for interventional and invasive radiology suites.


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